About Us

VenezuelaInfo was started by a group of people who are passionate about national tourism, with the objective of enabling tools to improve the visitor's experiences.

Which tools are available?

In VenezuelaInfo we provide 4 tools: Interactive website, light website version for mobile devices, mobile app to upload pictures and add reviews, and presence in social networks (Twitter and Facebook).

Interactive website:

In venezuelainfo.com website are enabled the following features:

- Hotels and tourism attractions directory in entire country, with all their contact information, pictures, reviews and ratings.
- Tools to add pictures, reviews and comments.
- Features to rate places ("Like" button, ratings).
- Facebook integration to share VenezuelaInfo content with your family and friends.
- Options to share our content in social networks.

Mobile Website

The mobile version of our website supports all the features of the full web version, but the design has been optimized for mobile devices, regardless the brand: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.

VenezuelaInfo Mobile App

The mobile app, currently available for Android and iOS devices, allows you to upload pictures and add reviews directly directly from your device in a quick and convenient way.

Presence in Social Networks

Through our Twitter @venezuelainfo and Facebook Venezuelainfo accounts, you can interact with the rest of the community online, share your pictures and travel information of interest.